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What is a Lead?

Before delving into an explanation of the lead generation process, it’s essential to clarify the concept of a lead itself. A lead represents an individual who has displayed an inclination toward your company’s offerings. However, as previously mentioned, this inclination must be evident to allow you to identify and take action upon it. A lead should possess attributes that render them identifiable and reachable. For instance:

  • Someone who furnishes their name and contact information via a website form.
  • A referral from within your network who has demonstrated interest in one of your associates.
  • An individual registers for an event and, in doing so, provides their contact particulars.

Specific prospects are more inclined to purchase within the spectrum of leads than others. For instance, an individual who has undergone a free trial is typically closer to buying than someone who has merely followed your online page. On the other end, there are cold leads—somewhat of an exception—who might not even be familiar with your brand, making the likelihood of a purchase quite slim.

Defining Lead Generation 

Lead generation encompasses the assortment of strategies businesses employ to amass contacts that exhibit interest in their offerings. Outlined below is a typical lead generation process:

  • The initial step involves capturing an individual’s attention when they come across your company.
  • After capturing their attention, the aim is to motivate them to indicate their interest.
  • Ultimately, ensuring that once they express interest, a mechanism is in place to initiate further interaction is crucial.

The primary step is running advertisements on social media platforms or cultivating interest through articles and videos. The second phase might involve encouraging them to follow your presence on a specific forum (thereby acquiring their user information) or to provide their contact details in exchange for accessing certain content. Lastly, the third stage entails the sales team pursuing the lead and sustaining engagement.

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